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Hey, hey!

My name is Zahra. I am in my twenties, with a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering. For a while, I taught kids about robotics and engineering, and then I worked as a UAV hardware integration and test engineer for a long time. I am also someone who enjoys looking up at the night sky and contemplating the infinity of the cosmos. Oh, and I also love nature and traveling.


​When it comes to space and travel, I also have some crazy desires like traveling to the Black Hole. But for now, I'm just writing. I'm always learning, reading, and researching information about the cosmos and sharing it here.

​By the way, if you have any topic related to this field that you want me to research and share, don't hesitate to let me know. Keep in touch with me and let's learn together. And don't forget to look up at the sky, as the most interesting questions often come at those moments. Au revoir!


You can get more detailed information about me on my personal LinkedIn account.

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